Mission Statement

Guns N’ Moses aims to educate and enhance the skill, safety, and enjoyment of firearms of all Jews and their friends, with the hope of providing them with the ability to defend themselves, their families, and their community.


Guns and Moses Shooting Club is a Jewish club dedicated to support of the 2nd Amendment and self-defense training.  While we are a Jewish club, we welcome all the Righteous Among Nations who would like to join us for some shooting fun.  We meet on the average once-a-month either at one of the shooting ranges in San Diego, CA, or at a training facility, where we can learn more advanced techniques of shooting in motion.  Qualified instructors always help us.

The agenda for our meetings is usually as follows:

We meet early Sunday mornings, before a range opens for the general public.  For those who are religiously inclined, the meeting starts with a prayer at 7am.  At 7:30am we have stereotypical Jewish breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, lox doughnuts, coffee etc.  Everything is kosher.  The breakfast is often accompanied by some presentation by a guest speaker.  At around 8am we start shooting/training until 10am, when the range opens for the general public.

The cost is $40/event.  That includes food, the lane rental and one gun rental, as well as eyes and ears protection.  Ammo and targets have to be purchased separately.  Of course, participants are welcome to bring their own weapons, ammo, targets and protection.  The rental gun is still included, if desired, but the ammo for it HAS to be purchased at the range.

There is an option of buying an annual membership for $300/year.  In that case the cost of all events is covered for a year.

The kids are welcome, but the ranges usually establish minimum age of 10.  A minor has to be accompanied by a parent or any other legal guardian, not some adult friend.

If you never fired a gun, don’t worry.  First time shooters will have an introduction to firearms in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The information about upcoming events and club news can be found in the Events and News section of this site.

For further information about the club please visit our Contact page and send us an e-mail.